Company Types

The relevant ordinances allow for the establishment of a number of corporate entities in the TCI. These entities include exempt companies (IBCs), ordinary companies, limited life companies, limited partnerships, producer owned reinsurance companies, foreign companies and incorporated associations.

Each corporate entity acts for a specific purpose which can include the following: -

  • An Exempt Company is formed when the primary activity of the company will be conducted mainly outside the TCI. The company will automatically be granted a tax exemption certificate for a period of twenty years in the event the TCI introduces a system of company taxation. See attached application form

  • An Ordinary Company is used when the intended trade or business is to be conducted and/or when asset holding property is purchased in the TCI. See attached application form.

  • Limited Life Companies are utilized when there is a need for a corporate vehicle to be used as in the nature of a Partnership but having separate legal status with limited liability.  See attached application form.

  • Limited Partnerships established in the TCI are used as a financing mechanism for venture capital and in mutual funds structures. Exempted Limited Partnerships which undertake business primarily outside TCI can obtain an exemption from future taxation.

  •  Producer Owned Reinsurance Companies (PORCs) are companies that are beneficially owned by the producers (e.g. intermediaries or introducers) of insurance business where such insurance business is ultimately reinsured into the PORC through an independent fronting insurer. See attached application form

  • A Company incorporated outside of the TCI wishing to conduct business within the TCI will have to be registered as a Foreign Company.  See attached application form.

  • Incorporated Associations are formed when unincorporated associations want to codify their status to act as charitable and/or professional bodies.  See attached application form.